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Samuel Eto'o

Samuel Eto’o, 34 years old is a striker for Antalyaspor and Camerun. He starts as a teen in Real Madrid and from there his career takes wing. He plays for Maiorca, Barcelona, Inter, Anzhi, Chelsea, Everton and finally for Sampdoria. A football globetrotting life that brought him to win: 3 champion’s league, one intercontinental cup, one Club World Championship, 4 national championships (3 in Spain and 1 in Italy), 4 national cups (2 in Spain and 2 in Italy) and 3 national supercups (2 in Spain and 1 in Italy). With the Camerun jersey, team of which he is capitain, he won 2 African Cup and an Olimpic Gold medal at Sydney’s 2000 olimpic games. Moreover he is all-time’s Top goal-scorer of Camerun’s national team with 56 goals in 118 games as well as African’s Cup Top goal-scorer with 18 goals. He has also been awarded 4 times best African footballer of the year.