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Jorge Lorenzo

Fast and successful, serious and combative after all, when one’s last name is Guerrero, the will to win is written in his destiny. Jorge Lorenzo Guerrero is one of the youngest riders on two wheels: born May 4th, 1987, has already won four world titles in the World Championship (2006 and 2007 in the 250cc class, in 2010 and 2012 in MotoGP). When just four years old he engages in his first championship on two wheels and when only fifteen years old(May 4, 2002, on his birthday) he launched himself into his first championship race in Jerez de la Frontera: he is not a young man among many, but the youngest rider in history to have ever took part in a Moto GP race.

The rest are numbers that will make you spin: in his MotoGP career, Lorenzo has collected 128 podiums in 223 races, earning 58 victories and winning just four worldcups. After being launched by the Piaggio Group, first on Derbi and then on Aprilia, Jorge moved in 2008 to Yamaha for which he is still the first centaur. In its wake many challengers: one for all Valentino Rossi, with whom he hired legendary duels on the track. Since 2009, his bib number is 99. But for a champion like Lorenzo, there is only one number that can reflect his true self, the same number he had in 2007 and in 2011, two years after his victories on the MotoGP circuit: number 1.