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Giorgio Chiellini

Giorgio was raised in Livorno were his family still lives. He has a sister and a twin brother, Claudio (today his agent). As a kid he dreamed of playing basketball since he was a great fan of the Lakers and of Kobe Bryant. He earned a diploma (92/100) in scientific studies at the "Federigo Enriques” High School and on July 16th, 2010 he graduated in Business Studies at the University of Torino with a final grade of 109/110. His thesis was on a sport society balance sheet, with a faint reference to Juventus.

He started as a left-back then, during his career, he became central defender, today he also plays as central left with a 3 people defense. Among his features 3 stand out: physical strength, vertical takeoff and aggressiveness. In 2012 the Guardian classified him as the 50th strongest footballer.