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Taranto, IT

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Cosa mangi prima delle partite per essere in piena forma?
Un bacio grande!
Ciao !!! Grazie a tutti per questo fiume di domande ,
le ho lette tutte e vi posso assicurare che non è stato facile scegliere le 500 più belle .
E' stato molto divertente e una bella esperienza rispondere alle vostre curiosità e raccontarmi attraverso le vostre domande.
Rimanete collegati ad efanswer perchè a breve annuncerò il giorno e il luogo della pubblicazione del mio Libro !
Marco Mazza 05/05/2016
Riprenditi presto e buon lavoro allora per il libro, un saluto
Barbara Lauria 05/05/2016
ciao Claudio e grazie a te per avermi dato questa opportunità davvero bella di poterti fare delle domande e poi di conoscerti attraverso il tuo libro
Nico E Katia 06/05/2016
Innanzitutto torna presto, ti aspettiamo a braccia aperte. ❤
Ed è scontato che acquisteremo il tuo libro, magari con all'interno una nostra "fask".
Ti abbracciamo forte.
Alicee Ferrini 06/05/2016
Non vedo l'ora di comprare il libro! Spero con tutto il cuore che ci sia anche una mia fask!
Un bacio grandissimo Principino!
Ciao Claudio!Grazie a te,è stato davvero bello farti delle domande.Spero di trovarne una mia eh!
Torna presto campione
Ersilia Garro 06/05/2016
Ciaooo Claudio, torna presto in campo!!!Ti aspettiamo!!
Grazie a te Cla! Spero,come tutti,che ci sia anche una mia domanda. Rimettiti presto,siamo con te.❤️
Irene Fariello 09/05/2016
SEI GRANDE PRINCIPINO! Quindi hai letto anche le mie domande :') e ne sono felice, anche se non ne sceglierai una tra quelle che ti ho fatto! sei un mito principino!
Claudio grazie a te, spero di rivederti presto in campo, riprenditi!
Grazie a te Claudio!!! è stato un onore per me vedere la tua risposta ad una delle mie domande!!! Grazie infinite e soprattutto riprenditi al più presto!!! :)
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Hey Guys

I almost finished to answer to all the questions that will go on my biography ! It was really exiting and fun to read all your amazing questions !
I m proud to announce that my social biography will be ready soon ... I will keep you update

thanks to all of you... the authors of my next biography :)
My second question is what you think of the Dutch selection now.
Wesley Sneijder 02/11/2015
Although recent results are very unsatisfying, I am sure that the Dutch selection is still one of the strongest and most competitive national teams worldwide. We will not participate in the European Championship in France next year, but it doesn't mean that our course has finished. Dutch football history and tradition speak for us: you will hear again (and soon) about the Orange successes.

I hope, and I am sure that this great football country will soon retoure the great market of world football ..
Ayu Ashari 05/11/2015
wish you luck sneijder
Hey Wes, how is your turkish so far? :D we know yolanthe yenge can speak very well what about you? hopefully you will stay here forever :)
Wesley Sneijder 28/10/2015
Merhaba Yaren Aslan! :-) I still have to improve my Turkish. Iolanthe is indeed a better Turkish speaker than I am. When I first got to Istanbul, I started to learn Turkish and I am still giving all my efforts to improve. I don't have any problems in communicating with my teammates, And neither when I go around with my family. Though it is hard language to learn, because it is so different from Dutch and the other languages I have learned in the past. But that is also why Turkish language is so fascinating to me. I am learning new words every day. And since I will remain here for a long time I want to improve my skills even more.
ciaoWES! what will be the revelation team of super lig in your opinion?
Wesley Sneijder 08/10/2015
Hello Gianluca,
The super Lig this year is really balanced, there are many competitive teams. Besiktas is one of them, but also Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor are not easy to deal with. For me, most impressive are Antalyaspor, Koyaspor and Basakheir, which for now has only 9 points, but seems very fit and organized. You? What do you think about it :-)
what difficulties have you had Wednesday in Kazakhstan?
Wesley Sneijder 08/10/2015
Hello Memet, In Astana we had a race more difficult than expected. We did not underestimate the match, but we found ourselves in front of eleven players very motivated to do well, especially because in front of their home crowd. This should serve us as a lesson, we now look forward to the return on december 8th with confidence. We can make the qualification!
Masa Antonio 01/10/2015
Nice FASK!!!!
Did you know that one of my passions is fashion? I like to be stylish and fashionable. If you are interested about this aspect of my life then ask me. I'll answer
Mary KILA Chin 09/10/2015
Wesley, What is your favorit dressing, when you are going out to a night club, with your lover!!
hi wes
who the opponent to beat this year?
Wesley Sneijder 11/09/2015
Hi Pino. We will face very strong opponents this year like Besiktas, Fenerbahce, Trabzonspor and who knows which teams will surprise us this year. And additionally it is always important to challenge our own limits. We have all the qualities to achieve whatever we want.
Good Fasking.
Good Fasking.
between league and cups, what thing you preferred to win this year?
Wesley Sneijder 11/09/2015
Peter, the league is the most important to win. But actually I always play to win so therefore I would like to win them all!
Good Fasking.
Good Fasking.
Excelente pregunta.